Aesthetic Executive Specialists

Job Location

From Home, Studio or own Business space.

Published By

Lloyd Samuel, CEO

Type of Job

Executive Role Specialist

Published Date

9 April 2021, 07:00:00

About the job

Man to Man Massage UK Ltd’ provide massage treatments and other services that are focussed on men’s health, from their massaging needs, fitness and much more. Our services are provided by male only massage therapists and other professionals.

As our business continues to grow at a fast pace, we are looking for individual males who have experience in aesthetics, and who know their industry extremely well. A management background is not essential but can be beneficial.

About You

This opportunity is for someone who can take direction, learn quickly and start building a team straight away, starting in a part-time position and progressively building your team quickly, moving yourself in to a full-time position.

You will have a welcoming personality with an incredibly positive and professional attitude.

You will have experience in working with computer software such as Microsoft Office, and be able to use the internet competently, being able to navigate and process information confidently.

You will have knowledge of how to market a business professionally through digital channels (training will be provided for this).

You will have the passion and drive to succeed and be able to motivate others.

Self-motivation to succeed is essential for this role.

The Role

Our business model is designed in a way that allows you; the 'man to man executive' to work from home, although driving out locally to you may be required.

Your main goal to start off with, will be to recruit and build a team of male massage professionals who are able to carry out massage treatments for our clients and members, either from their homes, studios, or own business space.

You will be offering them a 'supported self-employed role’ and be managing their online profiles through our man-to-man platform, from creating their profiles to managing their online diaries.

You will be introducing your team members to our business, and giving them induction training that involves brand awareness, our membership plans, our spa retreats, and our ways of working. (training for you will be provided)

You will also grow your team members career with man to man, offering them monetary incentives, as well as giving them opportunities to work on our spa retreats within the UK and abroad.

You will work very closely with our company director as well as our other executives, attending zoom meetings and face to face meetings where necessary.

You will be creative with your ideas on how to drive your own area of the business successfully and share your ideas with the executive’s team.

You will be 100% client and member focussed, making sure that you keep them at the forefront of everything you do, so how you represent yourself in our business is extremely important.

Our Members and Clients

When it comes to our clients, we expect the absolute highest standards from our executives and team members.

Our members and clients are at the core of everything we do at man to man, so the services we provide must be always carried out professionally and courteous, the desired discretion and privacy of our members is an essential part of what we offer.

Our clients must be made to feel extremely welcome and comfortable with ALL our executives and team members, therefore you must always be extremely professional, hygienic, clean, and well presented for them.

Support for You

The executive role plays an integral part of our business; therefore, you can be assured that you will never feel 'on your own' whilst carrying out this role with us.

You will have a direct line in to our company director, as well as direct contact with our other executives.

We will make sure that you to feel a part of our team in every way possible and give you every bit of knowledge required to be successful in this role.

The earning potential for this role is whatever you choose to make it, and will be extremely rewarding, heading towards a 6-figure salary per year for the successful candidate(s).

Our success is your success.

We look forward to hearing from you.


  • We require you to be qualified in your executive field i.e. massage, fitness, beauty, hair/barbering or aesthetics. 

  • Have experience in managing team members (not essential as training will be provided) but beneficial 

  • Be clean and well presented 

  • Be flexible in terms of working hours

  • Have the passion and drive to be successfful 

  • Be forward thinking and creative


  • We currently receive over 15 thousand views through our Google presence and website every month from male clients across UK and abroad, looking for professionals in their local areas, and so we know there is mass opportunities in terms of serving more and more clients and members.

  • Payments from our members and clients is instant, so our professionals do not have to wait to be paid by man to man as they are made directly to the individual team member, although a deposit for each service/treatment is taken online to secure their booking (what the executive earns will be outlined in detail for you)

  • The member or client will always pay a non-refundable deposit when booking any of our services / treatment which secures the booking and prevents cancellations.

  • As an executive or team member, you can choose the hours that you want to work if you are pro-active in the time you spend on this role.

  • You do not have to worry about advertising / marketing as we do this for everyone, but we will expect you to drive the business in your area.

  • You will become our online members 'point of contact' as part of this role giving you a direct man to man audience.

  • We have 8 different income streams that will boost your weekly/monthly/yearly income continually as you continue to grow in our business.

  • Career growth opportunities are available for executives to move within the business, gaining you more experience, earning potential and the opportunity of travelling and working in sunny locations abroad as part of our spa retreats.

About us

Man to Man Massage UK’ provides services and treatments that are focussed on men’s health, needs and our services are provided by male only professionals.

Our business model is designed in a way that allows you; the professional to work from either their home, remotely or through a business premises. Offering professional services through our platform,

Offering our members and clients an extremely lean space to relax in.

Man to Man Massage UK Ltd supports LGBT+ communities. Although, NOT all our team are 'or' identify as gay, straight, bisexual, non-binary or trans males, our services are available to all gay, straight, bisexual, non-binary or trans males.

We embrace all males in every way, shape, or any form of how you choose to live your life, or
how you choose to identify your gender. We are not prejudice in any way with our service offerings. We are a company that focuses on 'male only' services, and whether a male person is gay, straight, bisexual, non-binary or trans makes no difference to us whatsoever.



United Kingdom