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An outline of the 'Man to Man Massage' Therapist role

‘Man to Man Massage UK’ provides massage treatments that are focussed on men’s massaging needs and our services are provided by male only massage therapists.


Our business model is designed in a way that allows you; the qualified therapist to work from home, providing you have the space in your home to do so. To offer your massaging services through our platform, you will of course require the relevant equipment i.e. massaging table, towels, table paper roll and an extremely clean space for your clients to relax in.

What we expect from you?

When it comes to our clients, we expect the absolute highest standards from our masseurs when it comes to the services you provide as well as the desired discretion required for them, in terms of data protection and our terms of service. Our clients must be made to feel extremely welcome and comfortable with you, and you must be extremely professional, hygienic, clean and well presented for them.

There are 4 main massage treatments that our client’s like to book on a regular basis which are Deep Tissue, Deep Relaxation, Deep Sensual and Swedish massage, be it weekly, fortnightly or monthly.


We do provide full training for 2 of our specialised massage treatments which will be sent to you in more detail should you want to find out more about offering those particular treatments as part of your personal massaging services.


We will continually support you throughout your time with us, and our goal is to get you as many bookings as possible, so you can start to build a client base to whatever size suits you.


An example of the types of support we have available for you will be video demonstrations and training pages that are solely for our male therapists. We also have training available for brand new therapists, so if you are looking to add different treatments to your portfolio, then we can definitely help with that. We use organic oils and can give you hints and tips on what to use for your client depending in which treatment you are doing for them.

If you have qualifications in other massage treatments such as; Sports Massage Therapy, Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Lava Shells or Hot Stones etc... then that's awesome, the more you can offer your clients the better, and anything not on our treatments page we can add on for you.

So what's in it for you?

We currently receive over 15 thousand views to our Google Business Page and website every month, from male clients across the whole of the UK, looking for a massage therapist in their local areas, so you would be receiving bookings very quickly after joining us.

The client will always pay a non-refundable deposit when booking a massage treatment with you which secures the booking for you. This also keeps cancellations to a minimum, and you will get paid in full by the client for the total owed on any treatment they book in with you, which is paid by them on arrival.

You get to choose the hours you want to work and can update you diary/calendar through the Google APP once you are set up on our platform.

You don't have to worry about advertising your massaging services in your local area because we take care of that for you.

We like to treat our regular clients, members and subscribers, so we may offer them discounted prices on their favourite treatments throughout the year, which is awesome for you, because they will be re-booking your massage services and become your regular clients. 

You will automatically receive pre-advice information regarding any contraindications that your male client has prior to their first visit with you, as we have an extensive health questionnaire that covers every ailment including COVID-19, so you can be safe in the knowledge you have all of your clients information before they come for their treatment with you​​

As already mentioned, every client pays a NON-refundable deposit when booking a massage treatment with you, which means you can guarantee that you will have minimal cancellations, and that also means you can gauge your personal income week on week.


Career growth opportunities are also available. Please ask for more details if you are interested.


We may offer you a chance to earn even more money. Opportunities will become available in your area(s) as we continue to grow, such as; Man to Man Massage Ambassadors and Area Manager roles etc. This will be an added part of your role when we need a professional point of contact for other masseurs in your area, looking after; both existing therapists and recruiting more, making you one of our experts in Man to Man Massage UK.

We also have our Man to Man Massage UK MASSAGE CHANNEL where clients can see demonstrations of some of our massage techniques. We also sell some of our more adult content videos through the channel page, which if you are interested in taking part of the filming, it's another way to earn some extra money.

Do I have to pay to become a 'Man to Man' therapist?

You DO NOT have to pay to be part of our platform. If you are an already qualified therapist, and can prove that, then you can simply fill out our application form below and we will have you set up within 48 hours. 


Once you have joined, you do have the option of offering our Man to Man Deep Sensual Massage and our NURU Treatment which are offered to you with online training and coaching with Lloyd at a cost of:


£50.00 (normally £75)

If you are completely new to massage, but have some / or little experience in massaging, and would still like to join our platform, then we can offer you a full training package which includes; online training as well as 1-2-1 training which cost just:

£150.00 (normally £200)

So, if you are interested in becoming a Man to Man Massage Therapist, then please email us directly to With a brief message, just sharing your interest in becoming a Man to Man Therapist:



Once you have applied, one of our team will contact you and have everything set up for you, and may ask you for additional information if required.

What do you get for being with Man to Man Massage UK?

Firstly, you get ACCESS to our Private Members Area which is our Silver Member Plan. You can check our member pricing plans by clicking HERE to see all of the member benefits. We want you to be a successful massage therapist, so we give you all the available tools to do that, so you can build as big a client base as you want to. 

Here is everything else we give you access to, and what is taken care of for you:

Access to over 20K potential clients every month

Profile updates

Advertising through all of our digital channels including Google Searches, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Access to our paid payment plans for clients that bring clients back to you every month

Top rankings through all search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Easy profile access for clients to find and book in with you

Access to our pool of Members & Subscribers across the UK,  

Flexibility to work as much or as little as you choose

Manage your own online calendar

Training on more massage treatments that can increase your personal portfolio 

Access to wholesale priced massaging oils, creams and lotions 

The list goes on!

We will support you with everything you need to become a really successful, home based or mobile massage therapist through our platform.

If this sounds like role for you, then please fill out the application form below making sure you fill out all of the parts required and marked with an asterisk * before entering your information.


We need to see copies of your certificate(s)/qualification(s) gained in massage therapy so please attach them for us to see.


We would also like you to take a picture of the room/area in which you will be massaging in. So if you are able to set the room out as you would if you were expecting a client (if possible) then please also attach that image to this application. (This is not compulsory at this stage as we know you might not have the relevant equipment, so just add another image of you for your profile.

What happens next?

Once we  have received your application we will process it and let you know the next steps as soon as possible (usually 48 hours).

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