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How do you book your treatments with Man to Man Massage UK?

All of our therapist predominantly work from their homes / studios and provide a relaxing environment just for you, with dimly lit, cozy rooms, nicely scented with tea lights on, allowing you to just relax. Your therapist will welcome you making you feel extremely comfortable. Refreshments, such as water will also be available for you.

How to book?

It's really easy to book a massage with any of our therapists. All you need to do is take a look at the therapist you would like to book in with, check what treatments they have available to offer you, and then just follow the easy bookings process on our treatments page. 

Everything is automated for you and the therapist, so when you make your booking, you will pay your deposit amount online using your discount coupon code at checkout (if you have one), and this will secure your massage treatment booking, but please make sure you check the cancellation rules before proceeding and processing your payment online.  

You will receive a booking confirmation email and the therapist will also confirm by email, exactly where you need to go to for your appointment. 

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Meet our therapists...

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Lloyd Samuel (CH65 8AX)

Man to Man Massage Therapist & Owner

Richard Kerry (HD8 9GW)

Man to Man Massage Therapist

James G (WA74JP)

Man to Man Massage Therapist

Jason B (WV3 9NW)

Man to Man Massage Therapist

Andrew V (EH52 5FE)

Man to Man Massage Therapist

Stephen P (OL6 6XJ)

Massage Therapist

Lazlo G (NW2 4HX)

Man to Man Massage Therapist

Stewart (CV32 7JD)

Man to Man Massage Therapist

Therapist Coming Soon

Man to Man Massage Therapist