Our Exclusive Platinum Membership

Our Exclusive Platinum Membership

Our Platinum Membership gives you full exclusivity to everything that Man to Man do...

You will have full access to our private members area, you can set up your own profile to include your name, your profile picture, a short/long bio about yourself, a bit like social media but A LOT MORE private and exclusive than that. ​

Like with all of our member plans, we keep our member area absolutely private. We do not share your information with anyone else, and we are always making sure that good behaviour is always taking place with in it. Our key goal is to ensure your safety, whilst making sure you're having an enjoyable experience when using our member chat area, as well as having lots of fun when interacting with our other male members.

You are given FULL ACCESS to our 'Man to Man Massage UK - Massage Channel' which is a catalogue of some of our therapists, in action, massaging their clients. From Deep Sensual Massage to NURU Massage, you will get to see the massage' taking place and a whole lot of extra, some would say explicit stuff!​

We add brand new videos weekly/monthly, and I we also give you the opportunity to star in your own Man to Man Massage video.

If this is something you would be interested in then contact the owner - Lloyd Samuel via email at lloydsamuel@mantomanmassage.co.uk for more details.​

You will be able to see other members on our platform and interact with them if you wanted to. Your ice breaker could be "hey there, have you experienced any of the Man to Man Massages.. I'm a Platinum Member, have you had your free massage treatment yet?"

It doesn't stop with just our member chat area when you sign up for our Platinum Member plan.

We want to give you something back for your loyalty with us, so with this member plan, we also send you your own personalised £10 OFF voucher, which you can use as many times as you like, on any massage treatment you'd like to book in with us. All you need to do is, book online every time you would like a massage with any of our professional therapists. ​

We give you 2 FREE massage treatments of your choice with any of our therapists every year worth up to £250.00. This will be your 6th & 12th massage treatment booked, all booked consecutively through our treatments page.

In addition to all of this, we also like to treat you throughout the year, so any new promotional offers we have on, or new treatments we have available, we want you to be the first to know about them, so we will tell you they are on or happening before it actually does, so that you get the first opportunity to use them or try them out. ​

We also give you FULL ACCESS to our Man to Man Massage Forums with this member plan, which means you can join in the conversation with other guy's/members or start up a conversation yourself and share images, videos and much more, privately and as well and completely secure.

We also make sure that you are the first to know about any up and coming Spa Retreat we have planned, giving you first refusal to RSVP, and be one the first on our VIP guest lists.

You automatically receive £55 OFF the total of ANY Spa Retreat you book onto. For example; if you booked 3 x retreats over the coming 2/3 years, you would receive £55 OFF x 3.

You will be one of the first who are able to choose their rooms during your stay, as well as giving you the choice on which therapist you prefer to look after you who will make sure they look after your every need.

With your Platinum Membership, you are automatically eligible to receive 15% OFF any of our spa retreat day passes.

You are sure to receive the full VIP experience as a Platinum Member​

Our Platinum Memberships are:

Platinum Monthly - £45.00 per month.
Platinum Yearly - £450.00 (1 x payment per year)

Our Cancellation Policy:

Once you have chosen and purchased you member plan, the cancellation policy does vary so please check you own plans cancellation rights. All plans from the date of purchase are NON-REFUNDABLE so please make sure you are happy before purchasing.

You MUST continue to hold this plan for a minimum of 6 months before you are able to cancel. If you wanted to upgrade your membership during this time, you can do this by emailing Man to Man Massage UK Ltd. directly at: bookings@mantomanmassage.co.uk

Please also note that when you cancel your member plan, you will not be eligible for: Exclusive offers and invitations to our Spa Retreats .

For any other cancellation requests, please email bookings@mantomanmassage.co.uk