Our Massage Channel Member Plan

Our Massage Channel Plan gives you access to all of our current videos and more throughout the weeks and months as we continue to film some of our therapists giving their best treatments.

You will see our very own Man to Man Massage Treatments such as; Deep Sensual and NURU massage taking place and see for yourself, who and what massage treatments you can book in for and experience them for yourself.

You will get to see A LOT of nakedness and oily bodies with this member plan.

Your Right to Cancel:

Once you have chosen and purchased your member plan, the cancellation policy does vary so please check you own plans cancellation rights. All plans from the date of purchase are NON-REFUNDABLE so please make sure you are happy before purchasing.

You MUST continue to hold this plan for a minimum of 3 months before you are able to cancel. If you wanted to upgrade your membership during this time, you can do this by emailing Lloyd directly at:

You do have a 14 day cooling off period from the date of purchase, so if you decide this member plan is not for you within this time, you can cancel it, however your original purchase amount WILL NOT be refunded.

To cancel your member plan within the 14 days cooling off period, please email: bookings@mantomanmassage.co.uk

Please also note that when you cancel your member plan, you will not be eligible for: Exclusive offers and invitations to our Spa Retreats .

You will no longer be able to access the 'Massage Channel' from the date of cancellation.

For any other cancellation requests, please email bookings@mantomanmassage.co.uk