What is a muscle knot, why does it happen and what you can do to relieve it?

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

Client's often ask "what is a muscle knot?" and "how do we actually get them?" Well a muscle knot is like a small, round lump or bump that can be found in the muscle tissue, the medical term being myofascial 'trigger points'.

Knots occur when the muscle fibers, also known as the bands of tissue called fascia, underneath the fascia tense and tighten.

Most people will have trigger points, but may not know they do in some cases, because they can lay in the muscle tissue as either 'latent' or 'active.'

Different types of Trigger Points/Knots

With active trigger points, a person does not have to touch them for them to be painful, so for example they may feel a pain in their shoulders, back or legs and this could be due to an 'active trigger point' that can be massaged out by a professional masseur, helping to relieve that particular area of pain.

A latent trigger point, is one that you wouldn't necessarily know is there because it causes you know pain, but when your male therapist starts massaging you, going deep in to your connective tissue, you start to feel these different lumps or nodule like bumps in the muscle tissue that you never knew were there.

Getting help with relieving your Trigger Points/Knots?

When being massaged by one of our Man to Man Masseurs, they will use techniques like effleurage, petrissage and wringing during most of your full body massage treatments, which allows them to press deep in to your connective tissue and know which areas they need to focus on to relieve your trigger points/knots.

The most common areas in our bodies where you will find knots are:

  • Our lower back

  • Shoulders

  • Shins

  • Neck

  • Calf muscles (Gastrocnemius)

The trapezius muscle is the most popular area on our bodies that attracts muscle knots, and this is most commonly caused by bad posture or stress.

If you are a person that sometimes suffers a lot from either; jaw pain, tension headaches, ringing in the ears or lower back pain, this may be caused by muscle knots.

Causes of Knots

If your day to day life involves a lot of stress and tension or constant heavy lifting, repetitive movement or even being in a sedentary position for long periods of time, this may be the cause of your muscles knotting, and what causes you to have poor posture, giving you aches and pains throughout out your body (active trigger points)

How to prevent Trigger Points/Knots Occuring?

You can prevent trigger points occurring by stretching the affected area or by pressing deeply in to the areas where the trigger points are.

Focus on your posture when sat at a desk, check your ergonomics are a good positioning with your desk area, checking your computer and mouse positioning are correct when working.

If you are heavy lifting or doing rapid movements every day, give yourself time to stretch the muscles you are using.

Book a regular Man to Man Massage and one of our therapists will keep on top pf your trigger points for you, so you remain continually supple and as knot free as you possibly can.

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