Man to Man Massage UK

Therapist Terms of Service

Your Therapist Role Description

‘Man to Man Massage UK’ provides massage treatments that are focussed on men’s massaging needs ad our services are provided by male only massage therapists. Our business model is designed in a way that allows you; the qualified masseur to work from home, providing you have the space in your home to do so. You will of course require the relevant equipment to offer out your massaging services through our platform i.e. massaging table, towels, table paper roll and an extremely clean space for your clients to relax in.

Our Expectations of ALL Therapists

We expect the absolute highest standards from our masseurs when it comes to the services you provide to our clients as well as the desired discretion required by them in terms of data protection. Our clients must be made to feel extremely comfortable and you must be extremely professional, clean, and well presented for them.

About You

You will need to have your own drive and passion for massage, and as a therapist, you must be able to manage your own time efficiently. We provide you with your own profile containing your images, your personal bio, the specialised massage treatments you have to offer and easy access links for clients to book your services.


We provide you with your own calendar access that allows you to set up you own working hours, giving you the flexibility of managing your personal time off/holidays etc… We just expect you to manage your calendar on a weekly/monthly basis, so planning is an extremely important part of this role

This role is a self-employed role which means that you will manage your own financials, taxes, and Nation Insurance.

How do you get booked?

The online booking process is easy for you and for the client. Your clients will see where you are located by your personal profile, and they will do their own weighing up of distance etc prior to booking, and the process of how the client books is at the top of the ‘Therapists’ page for them to see, as well as a shorter process to follow on our ‘Treatments’ page.

Your profile will state what massage treatments that are available for them to book in with you. so for example, it will say on your profile; These are the massage treatments available for you to book in with [NAME]: - Deep Tissue, Swedish, Deep Sensual etc…

The client will go to the treatments page and select their massage treatment and length of time, so for example, Deep Sensual Massage, 60 minutes.


The below page will open for them. (This is the page that appears on a laptop/computer desktop, it looks similar to this on a tablet or smartphone)

What is important for the client at this stage, is that they can see the cancellation policy, which we urge you to go and read. They can also enter any promotional coupon code they may have acquired through being either a member or a subscriber to our platform.

They will then be taken to the payments page where they will pay a deposit of either £15, £20 or £25 depending on the length of treatment they go for. This deposit is non-refundable which prevents cancellations and guarantees they turn up for their appointment with you.

Man to Man Massage UK keep all deposits made for any massage treatment booked through our platform, and the client pays the rest to you on arrival in either; cash, PayPal or bank transfer (that is your decision to make) although 95% of your clients will pay in cash on arrival.

How does the client get your address details?

All bookings are automated, so when you get booked, you will receive an automated email to the GMAIL address you supplied on your registration form with all of the clients information; including their name, their massage treatment, their contact details such as mobile number and what they have to pay to you on arrival. It is your responsibility to email the client, from your GMAIL address, your full address details and where they need to park etc.

The client receives an email confirmation of their booking including a prompt for them to fill out our Contraindications Health Questionnaire if they have not done It already. This information is sent to you by

You must familiarise yourself with our ‘Health Questionnaire’ as this also provides the terms of service between you and the client, which they have to agree to prior to their booking. It also asks specific questions regarding COVID-19 symptoms as well as other Flu like symptoms, and of they show any of those symptoms, we will NOT accept their massage booking.

Therapist Conduct with Clients

How you conduct yourself before, during and after your massage treatment with your client is extremely important. Clients have high expectations of our services as well as our surroundings, so you must always be clean, your personal hygiene MUST be of a HIGH standard, so showering before your day starts is a MUST. Be clean shaven where necessary or at least a groomed beard or goatee if you have one, Use deodorants that do not overpower and a little bit of aftershave is always good.

Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly before starting any massage treatment and use oils that contain an anti-bacterial component such as Eucalyptus, Ylang Ylang or Lemon etc.

Most clients are happy to be fully naked during their massage treatments but just make sure your room temperature is right for both of you.

Use tea-lights to soften the lighting in the room to make it a relaxing and cosy atmosphere, with clean towels on your massaging table and paper bed roll for hygiene purposes.

Have some soft relaxing music playing and make sure it is not too loud for the client.

Have some fresh cold water available for the client.

Make sure you check in with them when starting their massage, that they are comfortable with the pressure you are applying.

Man to Man Massage UK - Promotional Offers

We will have promotional offers available ‘most of the time’ for new and existing clients. Our client base is made up of several different types of client, including subscribers, members and those that find us through Google, Social Media and the likes, who like to browse and will just book a treatment online instantly once they find what they are looking for.

Our goal for all therapist’s is to build a wealth of clients for you, that keep coming back to you on a regular basis, who you start to build a good relationship with, and who trust  and feel comfortable with you.

So, for new clients they will always have a promotional offer available between 10% & 15% OFF their first treatment/booking with you. This means they could receive 10% OFF their total amount due, so as an example of the monies you receive for this would be:

Client has a:

10% OFF coupon

Massage total is:


Client receives:

£6.00 OFF

Their new total is:


Client pays:

£7.50 Online Deposit

(Man to Man Massage UK keeps this amount)

New amount owed is:


(This is what is owed to you and what you keep)

To keep clients coming back to you, we will always treat our existing clients loyalty, as well as always inviting new clients on to our platform.

Payment Structure for Therapists

The payment structure is as our above examples demonstrates.

Man to Man Massage keep deposit amounts and you receive everything else which is will always be clearly stated in the booking confirmation you receive, in terms of what is owed to you by the client when they arrive for their treatment.

We may have quieter spells throughout certain months (like with COVID-19 and the loosening rules of lockdown rules where we may have higher discounted offers for members and subscribers like 15% OFF or even 20% OFF, that may entice them to re-book a treatment with you.

From time to time, we may also offer a promotional discount offer over 3 to 6 months where a client can receive an increased promotional offer if they opt in to a 3 promotion, for example: 

Month 1 - 10% OFF

Month 2 - 15% OFF

Month 3 - 20% OFF

If a client does opt in to this type of promotion, it will work as follows:


From month 1 in the above example, if they book in with you to use their 10% OFF coupon, they can only use their following discounted offers by returning to you for their following 2 massage treatments. The idea of this promotion is to help you build a regular client base and keep them coming back to you.